Backpage suspended account because of chargebacks - delete all my ads

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by kozbritt, Jul 30, 2013.

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    Not sure if this is the correct forum, feel free to move it if it belongs elsewhere.

    A couple months ago I was working on a joint "fetish industry" venture with a former roommate. We posted on Backpage and switched up the cards that we used (sometimes mine, sometimes hers). We had a falling out and she ended up moving out washing her hands clean of everything we were working on.

    I continued advertising myself, but then noticed that Backpage was not accepting my ads anymore. They would go up a few hours, then down. I changed emails, changed photos, same deal. Then, they stopped accepting my card. It would automatically say "DECLINED" at checkout. I got a new card (same name though) - same thing.

    After multiple emails, they finally responded and told me that multiple charges had been charged back and my account would remain suspended until paid. Apparently, my ex roommate charged back all the recent charges on her account when she moved out. I replied and gave the customer service rep the basic rundown of what happened, and said I'd be happy to take care of it on my end, just let me know how to pay the charge backs. No response. And according to what people across the net are saying about BP's customer service, I doubt I'll get any more out of them.

    Any advice? Backpage is very important for my business. It seems as though they've got my credit card name, address, photos, etc all flagged and I can't get anything up anymore. Would be very willing to compensate for assistance.
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    dolalr bills
    While that sucks I can understand

    All clients I deal with that ever do a chargeback are added to a blacklist and ill never do business with them again and their stories are not worth it

    So i get it- sorry I cant help

    My recommendation is to get a virtual credit card, change your ip address, clear your cookies (or use a new computer) and you should ahve no problem with your ads
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    Try contacting Chargebacks911. They specialize in chargeback management. As such, they have lots of inside connections. They may be able to get more info for you or tell you how to proceed.
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    Is this self promotion?

    Anyhow - OP; it's a simple decision, just calculate whether it's cheaper to abandon backpage, or to pay the chargebacks...

    Or - you could always setup a new account, and get a payoneer card to use?