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Backlinksindexer and building links to the links I submit?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by schleprock, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. schleprock

    schleprock Regular Member

    Apr 10, 2014
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    I signed up for backlinksindexer.

    Its sales page says that it is more powerful than other indexing services because it does all the things the others do and it also submits my links to its private blog network (and some other places). I think I read that each link submitted gets an average of 14 links built to it. (those are the numbers, off the top of my head)

    Since I only submit Tier 1 links this is OK. There is a buffer between my money site and the questionable links.

    A question, finally:
    Is there another service that does something similar but would build links to another network. This way I could have 28 (or whatever number) links built to each link I submit. This would allow me to outsource all my 2nd tier building and is really very reasonably priced.

    I think backlinksindexer costs me 15 bucks a month. If the other service cost roughly the same, then for 30 bucks I could stop worrying about any 2nd tier link building.

    I thought about just upping my level at Backlinksindexer and allowing them to submit duplicate links so I would get twice the amount of 2nd tier links, but then the links would come from the same network so I think that might not be as effective.

    Another question:
    Is this the way it really works or am I misguided? Can you recommend a second indexing service that also submits to its own network.

    I could also submit to a spam GSA SER service but a decent one costs about the same or more, gives fewer backlinks, and requires me to do a lot of cutting and pasting that a link indexing service does through an API key. I also have to remember to do it.

    Is anyone willing to share any thoughts or is the sort of thing I have to learn through trial and error.

    Additional information:
    For some reason I don't care about Tier 3 links. Tier 3 is always such trash I don't think it has any value anymore. Is this a perilous attitude or is it reasonable.
    (maybe it is because Google doesn't index shit links, I don't know)