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    Hi Bro!
    i would like to start (again) with adsense. i the past i will make about 1400$-1200?/mo. with 5 microniche and singular WHITE-HAT SEO.
    I would like to star again with this sistem but i would like to know which king of links produce more genuine and safe traffic per example for adsense.

    any have experience with traffic from facebook? it rentable make a ppc campaign to make adsense?
    any have experience with traffic from Twitter?

    any more resource, tehre are a lot of persons sell traffics -safe- service in and seoclerk, but i would like to learn this to make my campaing, every month.

    any person can recomend to me a software for maek thos linkbuilding or similar service to buy in any marketplace?
    at the moment i have a micro niche finder - great for microniche indentification and scrapebox to make the final tier and indexing links.

    thanks for your help i hope this post will be very interesting.
    Which are the best linkbuilding type to get safe traffic? bookmarking , web 2.0, etc..