Backlinks disappear within days of appearing??

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    What causes backlinks to disappear when the profile created was still active to begin with? I used a backlink service here. It's too soon for me to say it was a bogus service since I am not a backlink guru by any means!

    In two days I had one backlink out of 50 but it disappeared the next day. Is that common and should I see others listed since they were up to PR9?

    What is the best software or website for tracking backlinks?
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    Install SEO Quake for Mozilla Firefox, and look at the LD (Links to Domain) at the top, and you can go from there.

    Or use Webmaster Tools in Google once you have verified your website and it will tell you the amount of backlinks that you have.

    Don't sit there and worry about 1 backlink.

    If you want to get them indexed then do the following: (I got this tip from bhw user: callmelucid)

    1)Copy all of your backlinks (if you got a report), then go to and paste them there, select 100 for the backlinks per rss, fill out the rest, then convert

    2)Right click copy url location for the first feed, then go to and add it there, you now will be given a new rss feed

    3)Go to and enter the rss feed and submit

    Do this for a new feed every 2-3 hours (make sure in step 1 that you save all the feed's locations by right clicking and saving "link location" or "url location")

    This way you get tons of your backlinks indexed.

    You can read callmelucid ebook he wrote explaining more details about scrapebox and the backlink indexing, etc. here:

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