Backlinks causing Content Cannibalization

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    Welcome all.

    As far as I know, Content Cannibalization is when Google robots can't tell which page on our domain they should rank for single keyword.

    We can avoid On-Page issues. But what about backlinks?

    Let's say 100 of my backlinks have the same Anchor Text. 50 of them point to my homepage, and another 50 points to some post. This makes Google Bots confused because they have no clue which one of these two is more related to keyword resulting in possible position loss.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    More examples, we link to homepage and category page the same anchors we linked our money post (affilate) because its nice and we were taught this way. however it confuses google bots.

    Maybe links to homepage and category should only contain LSI while links to money post should contain money keyword?
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    Off site cannibalization does not exist. Period. If your content gets canibalized and it doesn't matter what backlinks point to which page and with what anchors, it's purely a problem if your onsite SEO. Not to mention, with every Penguin update, the importance of the anchors drops and in a few years time, they will be completely redundant.

    Also, I know it was an example, but if you have 50% of your anchor text something else than brand/url/generic, you are in for a huge slap.
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