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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by lmaestro, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Is it true that if I drop my website link to multiple websites using my own ip it wont carry as much weight as people out there with their own ips backlinking my site for me?I just joined this forum and while I can understand a few things already some concepts are just difficult for my head to wrap around.And is buying backlinks considered blackhat?Also if I spy on my competitors backlinks and just dump my links there is it ok?

    I will appreciate any kind of feedback.Sorry for being so noob.:moony:
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    It doesn't matter what the ip is of the person posting to the websites, but it does matter if the ip of the site that your links are on are on the same ip. For instance, you could place a link on 100 sites, each of these sites with different ip's, and there would be no problem, as there is no way for the se's to trace what ip posted the link. (the site can, but that's a different story). Now, if you posted to 100 websites that all have the same ip, you won't gain any benefit, because the se's will only credit you for one of those links.

    Only if how the person that is obtaining those backlinks for you is doing it blackhat, then yes. If not, then no. Define blackhat.

    Why not? In addition to dropping links on the sites they have links, also find more places from other competitors and build more backlinks. Follow other links on those pages, and you should be able to find more places.
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    Just remember that buy anchor links from websites is considered illegal by Google. (Like someone accepting payment to insert your link on his website)