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    I've been creating yahoo answers backlinks rated best answer as level 2. I'm thinking about backlinking these links with education and government blog comments and profiles. What would be the difference if I just backlinked the .education and .gov directly to my website instead of backlinking to my yahoo answers backlinks?

    Edit: I was afk and using my mobile. So here's what I'm thinking...

    100,000 edu and gov tiered back links -> Yahoo best answer backlink -> Money site

    Now what I'm thinking is that these edu and gov backlinks will provide link juice to my yahoo answer and it will flow through to my website. From what I understand is PR 7. That doesn't mean my answer page will be PR7 but it is an authority backlink. If I backlink it enough I can increase the PR thus giving me high PR backlinks. Can any expert give me an opinion on this?
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    I tried running backlinks to my yahoo answers with no luck.You are better off running fake traffic to it and use multiple accounts and make replys.It should really improve your YA and give your money site juice.I would avoid building any links to your money site.