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    Like most people on this forum i have learn't so much from members willing to share their knowledge on the topic of backlinking and the tools they use.

    I'd like to say that the process is easy but with most things in IM it takes knowledge first then action. The knowledge can take a long time to get if you get bad advice. So I wanted to share the posts and threads that really added value to my backlinking knowledge.

    If you find the info in the threads i suggest useful please thank and rep the poster as they give the info freely.

    Backlinking Strategy.

    Both of these threads use similar backlink strategies. They are concise and cover both ways to speed up the process, and best use of the types of backlinks available. Combining these two strategies will give you a solid structure to your backlinking knowledge.


    Above all the biggest tool i keep coming back to is scrapebox, it underpins all the other tools and techniques i use, from keywords, to finding content, to adding sites to the other tools. You should have this in your arsenal of tools. Below is a great compilation of links
    Content Generation.

    Personally i use dragon speech and the best spinner, for for my content generation and spinning.
    I am surprised at how much i use the spinning software in my back linking.

    Scritty does a good basic explanation of article creation here
    Article submission.

    I found this post on AMR useful.

    This is a good post for AMR footprints i had beeter success using these and scraping than the free lists.
    Social Bookmarking
    When it comes to bookmarking I use BMD their support it amazing however it is a time consuming piece of kit an you have to decide for yourself if outsourcing this aspect is easier.

    Blog Comments

    Scrapebox all the way use the thread listed above for great info.

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