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Thanks, i did. I am still contemplating if this actually helps rank a website on the first page of google for a specific keyword. Has anyone improved their rankings using this service?
Thanks, i did. I am still contemplating if this actually helps rank a website on the first page of google for a specific keyword. Has anyone improved their rankings using this service?
You can scroll some pages to see many reviews posted by bhw members after using our service.
Some More Recent Reviews to Prove Our Service is Delivering Great Result Super Fast and Super Cheap.

Thousands of Ranks delivered. One of the Oldest and Reputed Service Running on BHW.

People are Buying my services Multiple times because they Love it.

I LOVE your new site and how you did it.
They are GREAT service. I have used their services for quite sometime
value for money is insane 5 stars for them

Good Services

I am ordering for over a year, all packages from this seller work really good and got me many top 3 rankings and therefore made me a lot of $! Never lost any rankings with Google updates

Very happy with the last 2 projects. Actually happy with all the projects you have done for us. You can't go wrong with this at this price. Go for it!!
Great for the price and does the job as an .edu link
+vouch for this seller (in my case 1/1).

This was the first time I purchased backlinks. I have a 3 month old site and one of the keywords I was on position 7, after purchasing it jumped to nr 1 in serp. Now stable between position 1 and 3. Never expected something like that to be possible with such a cheap backlinks package!

Unbelievable results! Will order more!
Thanks Singhavn, about my 5th time ordering this service. Looks good as always

I remember using this years ago, and was very happy with the results.
I got your reports and looks awesome..

Will order more in the future
I did a Press Release few days ago and already seen an increase in impressions

View attachment 143695

just looked over my order and great work. Will buy again cheers!

Thank you @singhavn, you sent the report on time but I was looking for it on a different email address so it was my mistake. I am very pleased with the links provided, many of them have a very good PA on domains with good DA for a very small price... unbeatable. I will order again soon.

My order was slightly delayed at first, (partly because my client missed an email from @singhavn so mostly our fault), but now things are moving and it's looking great already! :)
Our keywords aren't particularly competitive and should be fairly easy to rank for if the links are good quality, and that is EXACTLY what is happening now!
We are still waiting for the report and the final results of this order, but I can say from the results already kicking in now that
@singhavn is offering EXCELLENT VALUE!
I will try to offer a more detailed review once we have the report and final results, but if you don't have top level super competitive keywords that you need to rank for don't hesitate, just buy this service. :D

Purchased the ultimate combo. transaction ID: 6U528825CJ626052P

Purchase date:7 October 2020

This is the second order with the vendor, I was very pleased with the results of the first order. He over-delivered and the rankings were truly impressive.

Purchased the ultimate combo. Work was delivered on time as perfectly as described. Would recommend seller without any hesitation

Really love your service! No 6th package bought! Transaction ID 4PT45696WA7310828. Thanks!

First ordered this service back in 2018, two years later and it's still as good as it was back then.

Received my reports this morning which were easy to understand, and well detailed. All links and content delivered were as expected, well-written articles, good diversity of links, and overall a great service.

just looked over my order and great work. Will buy again cheers!

Appreciate the good work. Fast and good. Ordered many Times and everytime i had significant rankings in short time.

Really appreciate the good and fast work. Great improvement in Rankings and good prices. Will buy again.

excellent service, received full reports exactly after 15 days as promised.

Looking forward to ordering again

I received my services within the time frame, the results are fantastic for the price that I paid. I've placed multiple orders after getting my first batch of results delivered to my email. However, the only thing I wish that this service had, was a way to login to the website to view order status/order details from the orders I place.

Thanks for this awesome service!

Great service delivered on time. I ordered the combo pack and have seen some great results already. My keywords are ranking higher and higher everyday and I am getting more and more traffic. Cheap as chips too.

Ordered the "Web 2 Pyramid Ultimate Package" and "Press Release Service" on April 22, 2020.

The service has been delivered as of 5/11/2020. The content was well written and even though my niche is hard to create content for it's legible and decent.

Hoping to see a ranking boost in the next couple of days. I thank the OP for a quick service and a detailed report as proof.

Will be ordering more soon. Recommended.

Purchased ULTIMATE COMBO PACK for a great price of $28!

Great high quality links and was delivered in the time written.

Great service and highly recommend!

Another order placed (probably my 10th one!)


Can you please make sure they get done within 14 days?


I received my report on the 5th of June. I have checked the links and they all look good and very professionally created.

Very Responsive seller also helped me with payment problems will definitely buy again.

Thanks and Thumbs Up

ordered and completed. Very good quality of backlinks.. specially .edu e wiki

Just got my report and have to say I'm quite impressed with the quality of this service.

The delivery did come a little late but no biggy.

Will Post another review in 2 weeks time with ranking improvements from this.

Thanks @singhavn

Fabulous work, love the quality of the work. I brought ultimate combo and it work really well. All the links are live and indexed. They are from many good PR sites.

My review of the service:

I placed an order for a press release on July 9th and I received my reports today on July 21st. The TAT was good as it is quite evident. I did not receive any sort of confirmation of my order in my email that I provided so I contacted @singhavn and he confirmed that my order had been received. There must've been some sort of an issue with their automated mail system perhaps because their mail was nowhere to be found in my inbox and spam folders.

Moving on to the reports, I am actually quite impressed with the article that was written by their team. I was sent the article for approval before the press releases were due to be published. I was happy with the written content and in a few days, I received the complete reports where it shows the press releases have appeared. Overall, it was a pleasant experience dealing with the seller and I would definitely order more from them in the future.

I purchased a few combos from economical backlinks few months ago.
Amazing results at a very reasonable price.

They sent me all the required info. They did a lot of work on this. I'm impressed.

Purchased a press release, work was done promptly and I can see the live links. Awaiting good results from them! Thanks!

Less than two weeks and loved it!
Good backlinks!
I am looking to get PBN Carnival

Just purchased ultimate combo package. enjoyed working with them before, will continue to use their service.

Wow! I am very happy with this service. I have a lot of traffic to my new webpage!!! :). I am recommending this service to everyone who needs deep seo. For sure, i will buy again! Thanks a lot.

Excellent service. The OP was dealing with a personal loss in the family unbeknownst to us and still managed to handle our questions and issues. Recommended!

They sent me all the required info. They did a lot of work on this. I'm impressed.

I ordered the gig and liked the results. good backlinks. very professional

Great service, thank you.

I got my order completed.. Looks professional.. Good links..


Just received delivery. Thanks for the godd work done. very professional service

Second time ordering from these guys. Good Gig and delivered on time I will definently use them again in the future. Second Gig report went to my spam folder and didn't notice it for a few days. But they did deliver on time.

Just got reported today . Awesome <3<3 . waiting google index and will be purchase next oder . Thank you Team

I placed an order for the ultimate combo and it was delivered on time overall I am happy with the link profiles ordered.


Was satisfied with the work overall, links were good. Thanks!

I tried singhavn's service about a year ago this month, however only about 5 months ago did my site end up going to page 1 in Google. Not sure if it was the backlinks or not, but worth trying it again!

Just ordered Combo Super Package - Transaction ID - ***********45922

Look forward to seeing if it helps again!

Thanks for the backlink service and report ontime. I saw litle improvement JUST after receive the report, I am sure it will be better as per my expectation

Order delivered as described. Definitely will order more :)

The work completed and delivered for my order!! I am so happy for fantastic support and work done by the Author !! Very happy

7 new orders just sent in for your Web 2.0 Pyramid Ultimate Package

received my report today.
all looks good to me, some good links. hopefully some nice juice

Received my report:
Quick turnaround, exactly as stated bu the OP. Already saw some improvements in ranking.
Thank You. i'll order again soon!

Absolut Perfect!

Great work Thank you!!

Received my order, great service and I already see some improvement in my rankings.

Vendor has delivered as promised and timeline was met. Will return for other services in the future! Thanks!

Just got my report!

Nice links (many high DA/PA). Some of them already indexed.
There is already some improvement in rankings.

Thank You!

I bought the Ultimate Combo Package and got my full report now.
Good links, some of them already indexed.
Bookmarks, wiki and edu links also as promised!

Have to wait for more links to get indexed, but i think it will boost my site.
Thank you, will order again!

I received the results, thank you for your performance

Fast and good service, first results in ranking after one week. Recommend.

Did a great job even though I had posted on their other thread. combo pack
I received quality reporting, so far I am happy with the work.
Will be using the service again.

I ordered the Press service and got the report yesterday.
The article was well written and send to me to review before they post, it is very good.
I checked some posts on the list and they are alive and put on the right place.
Though I am a newbie here but I bought some SEO services in Fiverr and this service is much better.
Highly recommend!

Delivered the order, top tier service. 10/10 will order again.


I would like to edit:

Is it possible we order the service again for the same URL? Just different keywords?

Is this bad for SEO?

ordered and have received the report, the links seems good. want to try another services.

I ordered the press service and was very satisfied.
I just want to know is the combo package safe for an three months new site? I already bought some guest post links.

2nd order from him, and got quite good backlinks.

fast delivery and good work thank you recommended.

Paid for the PR package... amazing job! can't ask for more.

Wooow, i am impressed with them work. Faster than expected. Very happy and highly recommend. Will order mre and more!!! Thanks

I ordered the ultimate combo campaign and received it on time. All correct and professional, without any complaint. Thank you!

Short Review:

Ordered a lite web 2.0 campaign, the delivery time and communication was quick. The excel sheet was clean and easy to understand. Checked out a few links and everything looked the way I expected it.

Will come back for further orders. Thanks OP!

this is my 3rd order and i am so happy! Results i see really fast, i will order more and more, because you are the best and trustful! THANK YOU!!!

Another campaign has been completed. Good job for very reasonable price! Thank you

ordered the ultimate combo and received all links (lots of them!) in 2 weeks as promised!

Just received my report. Very happy with the work. Much appreciated. Will purchase more! Quality links from edu!! A++++

thanks, order received. received plenty of good links

this is my second order
Combo Ultimate Package
transaction id : 9TB7354700014720K

Ordered for the 4th time. ID:*5715D

I bought 2 ultimate packages for my movie sites, the first in August, my site traffic rise and stay on the first page in keywords with more than 26kk searches, so it was the best package, the other I I bought it on September 10 and I see an increase in accesses in the kws I indicated, and it is also a movie site with very difficult kws.
I point out to anyone who wants diversified links to increase traffic.

Want to place order for my second site, any discount code brother?

Bought another one! Worked Great Last time

placed my third order this morning

Paid with VISA x-2225
always great service and excellent communication

Come back again for your awesome work.
transfer id: XXXXXXXXAJ448613E

Outstanding service. They complete my order in one week, and I can see my ranking is going up with some of the KW.

I just got the report. I am very happy with it. I would recommend it definitively. Thank you

I just received my order and checking the content and backlinks I can say it is an excellent service. I will wait to see the results and will comment again. regards!

I got my order done in about 2 weeks. They were responsive and overall a very good experience. Now I need to watch and see how things are going but it does look promising! Will order again for my other sites.

Very happy with the services provided, both Ultimate Combo Package and Press Release are very good, good quality content and completed in a timely manner. Reports are as you would expect on the Ultimate Combo Package, Impressed with Press Release reports, even included first day statistics from ReleaseWire.

I've just placed an order for the video package, the last one was very good but late so please deliver this one on time, the Paypal ID ends in 270W.

3 order olaced about to order another press release great service

My 4th order with transaction id 5NF90106UD5721442. Waiting for great result

Amazing service, i ordered lite combo and i received all links very quickly. This is my second order so i will definitely order again. Keep up the good work!

fast report, keep good work

Thanks for the great work. Order again
ID: XXXXX065KE457600V

hey OP, do you have any coupon for the combo package?
I think, I remember I used to buy 1 of your combo package before and the result was pretty good.
Hope it also works well this time too.

Ordered and loved my edu backlink.

Waiting for my wiki now !

Good backlinks ;)

Review: I ordered the lite package for .edu links about a couple weeks ago. Overall, I got 3 posts with 2 links on each pointing to my website. Hopefully, they will index soon.

Pretty good considering how much I paid for it.

To summarize, I would say it's a good bang for the buck, as the service is very cheap.

Bought another one! Worked Great Last time

Ive received no information regarding my purchase

Got the report. High-quality work. Thanks.

I receive my package few hours ago. Report looks good.

Purchased Combo package 2 weeks ago,receive my report today.Very impressed with the services and quality.Done some random check on the links and 100% all visible and working.Waiting for couple of days to weeks until will see some results.TAT is on time framed.I recommend everyone to try this service.

Very good work, I will buy again soon

Very good, nice links and low cost - have ordered some more.

Ordered and delivered. Links are of good quality and good writing. Will do business again

Ordered and received exactly what I wanted. Thanks

Finished my order, checked out the links, solid $20. PR was human readable too!

I have ordered the Press Release Package service which includes press release creation and distribution. I have received the report today and all I can say is that for the price you can't find a better PR service. They created a nice PR text and distributed it to 14 services. Very good service, recommended.

Just received my order was delivered before schedule great links very happy with the work.


paid 3rd copy of press release Transaction ID: 6DE58187JK0233205

I Asked for a Lite combo and the more expensive combo! :D Thanks a lot i received the orders in a timely manner!

I can vouch for this service , got my ultimate combo package without issues hahaha I just received what I ordered and what I was expecting for this kind of service , I will order again ;)

Hello all, i have used the service and this is very nice . good job thanks for all ;)

My report arrived 4 days after the TAT the seller had stated on the first page of the sales thread. No apology or reason as to why it was delayed, and no upfront words or heads up to let me know it would be late. It wasn't a particular problem for me, but it could definitely be a problem if you're reselling this service and have your customers breathing down your neck.

The report was good and the links were just what I expected for $20.

I ordered the super combo for a brand new site with good onsite SEO and 25 of the purchased links have already been indexed and my domain authority grew from 1 to 6. I didn't rank for any of my keywords yet but it's a good starting point for my site. The top links that indexed have a PA of 34 to 37 and the anchor texts were quite random but somehow related to my niche.

Thanks, order completed & it all looks good.

I ordered press release service and just received my report. It's a great service for the price, a very good value. A press release was submitted to SbWire, PRbuzz, and some other news sites which is a nice bonus.

The only thing is that press release was very short about 200-300 words. In my opinion, this service will be even better if you charged a little bit more and provided a longer article.

Once again, overall I am very happy with the press release. Most other sellers charge $60 for the exact same service.

Received my order today, haven't had time to look through all the links but everything looks good so far. Thanks, great service for the price!


I ordered the:
Contextual Web 2.0 Pyramid --> Ultimate Web 2 Package (3 Tier) worth $10

TAT = 13 days

Pro's (my opinion):
Copyscape related article for the tier 1
9/10 links were live on average
keyword properly anchored in each web2.0

Con's (in my opinion):
Same article was on all tier 1 web2.0's. But for this price this is forgiven.

Overal: 7/10 would use again, but next time probably for boosting existing stronglinks instead of pointing to moneysite.

I ordered press release service and just received my report. It's a great service for the price, a very good value. A press release was submitted to SbWire, PRbuzz, and some other news sites which is a nice bonus.

The only thing is that press release was very short about 200-300 words. In my opinion, this service will be even better if you charged a little bit more and provided a longer article.

Once again, overall I am very happy with the press release. Most other sellers charge $60 for the exact same service.

Just received my report for the super combo package. For $20, I've got TONS of bookmarks and wiki links, few edu and several web 2.0 links. I think this is a great deal for the price :)

Great share
Detailed post.. Great service

@miguelito1 - 3 weeks from date of order.
Still dancing but new page went from not in SERPs to 36 for easy KW. Currently out of SERPs
Ton of links have hit both GWT and AHREFs
I would have preferred drip feed v hit all at once and had assumed that would be the process so perhaps specify drip feed if you want it
Links are spammy as you would expect
A lot of links are being removed daily, so will wait and see how it ends up in 6-8 weeks
Hope that helps some of you for now.

Err, thought I gave it. Given that it has been 3 weeks, its impossible to judge properly at this point. Only negative is no drip feed, otherwise for what you are paying, they sure can get stuff indexed, which is impressive considering the sheer amount of links I see hitting GWT.

my review on 2 of their services:
video: incredible (for that price). I was expecting just one more video, but the guy took time to see my web, grab ideas here and there, and made a good video with a sell's logic.
Press Release: good honest text (far better than many specialized writing services) + nice publishing list (that would cost more anyway than the paid price). Note: I have some doubts of the efficiency of PR in general (do journalists really read tons of emails & newswires ?) but not the fault of singhavn. This service exceed its promises.
and very good email contact overall.
I did it initially just for the low price. Will redo for its content quality!

Video delivered a little late but it has indexed quickly and is good value for money.

Really awesome service, I recommend it

I would like to provide my feedback for one of the packages I purchased, it was the ultimate combo package for only $28, we ordered the package on May 3rd and had deliver on May 9th and within 3 days of having delivery these are the results:

Website 1 (Transport Niche in UK)

KW1: 23 > 20
KW2: 43 > 26
KW3: 47 > 38
KW4: 49 > 29
KW5: 0 > 0

Website 2 (Music Niche)

KW1: 24 > 14
KW2: 0 > 37
KW3: 41 > 30
KW4: 0 > 0

KW5: 31 > 18

Now i know that there is still going to be movement with these keywords as it has only been 3 days, some may even come down, but for $28 and these kind of results, this is just awesome.

Now in the past it can sometimes be a hit and miss, some sites and keywords may move great and some may not move at all, but overall I have used this service several times and it has always provided good starting results. Then you can look into some further packages.

I would recommend this service to all, great customer service, great results for $28, and fast results.

We are awaiting on another delivery from these guys, as soon as those have come back I will also provide a review and an update in rankings on this order.

Keep up the great work!!!

Order and report delivered on time! Good as described for this price. Now waiting for results:)

So my report was received a few days late, but wow. Now that these links have kicked in boy am I seeing results. I am dominating page 1 for most of my keywords. 1 keyword has my site as both #1 AND #2 , My primary traffic keyword is ranking #8 on the first page, and several other smaller keywords hitting #1. I was running a GSA campaign as well on my own, but from previous runs, I know most of the juice has come from this service. Beyond happy with the results I got for the price, and this service with adwords/shopping, visits, conversions, and even average conversion value has gone up. I got the ultimate package for a 1 week old site. You would be dumb not to jump on this offer, this is worth much more than $30.

Search volume is around 40k. Competition is easy to medium. There are a couple sites that know how to rank but for the most part the sites are horrendous looking so traffic will switch over pretty quick. I am outranking ebay/amazon/facebook for other peoples listings/pages. This really was a great kw so a big part of the success was that. For harder kws Id probably go with the monthly service. I will be coming here for all seo packages from now on, regardless of kw difficulty, these links work and will help, and for the price are really great.

Quick update a couple months later, KW's easy-medium, more competitive at the bottom.

Worth noting, all of the KW's I used with this service are in the top 15 results on google.

Yes, I know they increased, this order is from a bit back, I think 2ish months ago. I was showing the results of the service now that ranks have stabilized a little bit. These are good results for the money IMO.

REVIEW: I ordered the Ultimate Combo Pack around 14 days ago & received my report yesterday. I haven't been able to go through every link but the links that I spot checked are all good to go. The report is well laid out and concise. Overall I am very happy with the completed work & I will definitely be ordering again. Recommended!

Fast service, great PR article written, thank you :)

Report received; good value for the money spend.

Few Points:

  • Backlink Carnival is one of the oldest and most successful Backlink service in BHW
  • We have not increased our Price since it's launch in 2012
  • It is one of the cheapest Backlink service available.
  • It is still Delivering the same great results.
  • Over 10,000 orders placed and thousands of Top Rankings Delivered.
  • 99% Satisfaction Rate which makes it the most loved service.

If you still haven't, ORDER NOW TO SEE THE DIFFERENCE.
Quick Question - Is it possible to provide an Amazon product page to develop backlinks for? Does this work with boosting rankings on Amazon for a specific keyword? Has any Amazon seller had experience with this?
Quick Question - Is it possible to provide an Amazon product page to develop backlinks for? Does this work with boosting rankings on Amazon for a specific keyword? Has any Amazon seller had experience with this?
Yes. We accept amazon pages.

You have to bring back that $20 press release man
PRBuzz is closed. SBwire increased prices many folds. That's why we closed it.
I received my report earlier today for the lite package and spot checked the four different categories. Everything looks good, pretty good contextual web 2.0 and edu links. I'm pleased and for the money it's a good value.
I received my report earlier today for the lite package and spot checked the four different categories. Everything looks good, pretty good contextual web 2.0 and edu links. I'm pleased and for the money it's a good value.

Thanks for taking the time to write your review.
Hello, I was looking to order your service. I just want to make sure you still provide services. Thanks
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