Backlink Blast to FB fanpage?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by jinsandy, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Just an opinion as to whether or not this would make sense:

    Build a FB fanpage. Make it legit (timeline cover, real URL to your money site)
    Go buy FB fans so that your page does not look abandoned/uninteresting.
    Pick a good fb URL that is either keyword related or brand related that you want ranked.
    Go scrapebox blast/xrumer/senuke the hell out of that link and keyword

    -Going through FB will give you some "reputation" among users since your business is on facebook (average user mentality at least)
    -If ranked higher on google, then it would be a trusted website being on page 1. (not sure how the algo weighs fb pages)
    -Get them to like your product is not as good as email, but you can keep them up to date with a proper CRM.

    One more page to jump through the buying process funnel.
    Potential backlash by facebook? (dont know how they handle commenting spam or what not)

    Thoughts? Opinion.
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