Backlink Author's Site Cloaked in WP Cumulus Plugin -wtf

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by BlackhatBigfoot, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Roy Tanck, the author of WordPress Cumulus codes into his plugin a backlink to his site that can only be seen when viewing in text mode the page that the tag cloud is on. I don't mind linking to a plugin's home site if I like the plugin, but most authors ask me to link to them. They don't sneak in a backlink without me knowing about it. And even when some do code in a backlink it usually is plain to be seen and easy to remove.

    It's no wonder this guys site is a PR8. Today I stopped using his very cool plugin because I hate sneaks.

    I bet most people who use his plugin have no idea that they are linking to his site not only from their posts and/or pages, but from their RSS feeds as well.

    When, by chance, I was forced to view my site in text only, I saw his link plain as day...and on my front page! Boy was I p*ssed.

    I can't stand to be duped. Am I over-reacting?