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Back to the site after 5~ years, what I've learned(programming, marketing, business).

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by lykathe, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. lykathe

    lykathe Regular Member

    Oct 23, 2009
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    full time PHP/JS/Python freelance
    Hey guys, I got into IM in October 2009, after finding this site very offhandedly, I thought it was a scam until I kept reading for a while, and realized it all made too much sense to be a scam. I made $300 within a week of registering and quit my job(on Halloween of 2009), and here I am today :).

    I did tons of CPA in the early days of Facebook(2009, 2010), had some monolithic pages that brought in 5 figures, but ultimately I'm not too big of a fan of managing CPA A/B campaigns etc. For the past 5 years I've been employing some version of 7878's local method, he posted probably sometime in 2010, it inspired me deeply as I realized that with quality, you'll always stick out. So I started targetting businesses locally and through classified sites, and from classified sites I started learning PHP, Python, Javascript, C#, and data analysis and amalgamation associated with them, IE scraping data. These programming languages allowed me to automate the parts that were hardest, if I would've had my programming expertise back when I was doing Facebook, it would've been a side income instead of a full time job, as I monitored my pages all day by hand, refreshing them every 15 minutes, but now I could just employ a bot to watch the page, update it as per schedule, etc.

    An example being, I decided to delve into Youtube last week, and wrote a script to scrape all videos from the specified time frame, with their title, views, URL and time posted in a CSV, which I can then analyze and feed into a comment poster I coded for the best conversions in his niche since I did proper keyword research in his niche, combined with a comment upvoting API.

    Ultimately the thing that helped me the most was moving AWAY from reading marketing resources all the time, you have to get your hands dirty, with no one else in your ear about what you can or can't do, what method does or doesn't work, until you see the success or failure for yourself it's no more true than your best guess. I spent literally YEARS reading books, being broke as SHIT, making NO money, about random methods that had already been burnt out, only to realize I was being duped, and this was AFTER I had already experienced huge success with Facebook! Don't get caught in the loop of reading books for a false sense of achievement, reading books are a nice supplement but you need to be in a notebook writing down your OWN ideas.

    I may be starting a marketplace thread for custom built bots/mass scraped data, trying to gauge interest before I commit to that so if anyone has any advice or ideas, largely been away from any sort of IM community for nearly half a decade lol.
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  2. phatzilla

    phatzilla Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Apr 9, 2009
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    Good post. I agree with the fact that being able to program definitely increases your effectiveness by ALOT. It's not the same as hiring a freelancer to write a bot for you either, since you're in total control and can manage updates as soon as you need to.