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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by HiTek88, Mar 18, 2011.

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    Nov 11, 2009
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    So I've decided to give IM another whirl, but this time I am starting off small.
    Going to start off by selecting a very very small niche, one thats not even popular
    and just TRY to get on page one, or even the top link on page one. This is the best
    way I think on starting off. To get the basics down by starting small. That way
    you gain motivation and know it can be done.

    My questions are:

    What is considered a good search / keyword results combo. For instance,
    when I search "how to feed a snake" there are 1,600 global searches for
    this exact phrase on google keyword tool, and 4,050 search results for
    this exact phrase on google. Is this something that is considered micro?
    Do I need to go smaller? Still not sure what results I should be getting
    to even consider trying that niche.

    Second question is is using blogger and wordpress and good means of
    a "webpage"? Are those good to use? I know of course hosting your
    own is the best way to go but for something small and to start off
    with is these any good?

    Also, do I have to index these blogs on google and yahoo? Or are these going
    to be indexed by themselves.

    I know I have a few more questions but can't think of them right now, thanks for your help.
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    1.Yes,that's microniche.
    2.For keyword research go here
    3.Better go for own hosting,if you're low on budget,shoot me a PM,i'll give you free hosting since i got a reseller
    4.Use Wordpress if your going to use a personal hosting
    5.Use Blogger if your going to use google host,since it's a part from google.
    6.If you want to go for WP and Blogger hosting,you still need to index the pages,but there's a tool that helps you out.It will index your domain/page in less then 24h
    Here it is

    And I think that's all :)
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    Nov 11, 2009
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    Great, I guess I will try and target keywords with that kind of results.
    Thanks for the offer, I might take you up on that in the future ;)
    Thanks!! for all the great info, definitely will take your advice and I will also need to read more.