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    this may be a repeat or trivial to some but i recently thought and did this.

    1) get into my site stats on wordpress
    2) click on referral stats link
    3) select all on the page by pressing control A
    4) open an excel file
    5) paste it there. remove the unnecessary headers and footers and views column. just leave the links.
    6) go back to the wordpress stats page again and click on "last week"

    repeat (3) to (6)

    Do this for 30 days, quarter so on and so forth.

    Also not forgetting the "Incoming links". I add those as well to the list.

    I will copy the links and paste to notepad+. Will sort them out ascending so that I can remove the duplicate urls and blank lines.

    I will then remove the web searches or links that leads to nothing or main url. Hence, in the end, i would have links that leads direct to my site. Next is to enter the anchor text and do the normal backlinks.

    You can also do sbox and add the links in there. I also went to the cpanel to get the actual referral links for the last 2 months and add them. This is really tedious as i had to check nearly every link to make sure that they are appropriate.

    My thinking is that since these are links that are shown to be linking to the site, they should be taken care of first. Another reason is that I do get referrals from them therefore if im able to pump them up, it is another traffic avenue.

    Hope it helps some.

    PS: please save the file frequently! :)