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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by bpenn34, Oct 6, 2010.

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    Fairly new to seo and have a couple questions. This forum has helped me out greatly so far. Best seo forum on the net...

    My question:

    Back links are what seo is about right? Nothing Else? From what I understand you want back links(every type of back link). I know how to get some and kind of unsure about follow/non follow backlinks and stuff like that. Im unsure about link wheels/proxies/bookmarking back links/article backlinks and pinging.

    I have two blogs and trying to figure out what I need to do to get my site to page one of google. Ive been looking around but still trying to find the bigger picture with backlinks.

    So I guess my question is what type of back links do I want?
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    A back link is not a back link. There are low quality links and high quality links, that being said, a do-follow links is always a good thing for your site. There are huge debates that there is a big difference between no-follow and do-follow links. No one really knows for sure and most speak on their own experience. For me I have seen better success with do-follow links, but others have seen rankings with no-follow.

    Best advice is to test and test and see what works for you. You are right that you need links to raise your rankings.. but that is not all of SEO. It really depends on what approach you are taking. If you have Scrapebox or something like that then you can set that up and blast out thousands of links and forget it, if you are doing your linking by hand then you might want to be more picky where you are putting your links so you can work more productive.
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    You want the highest quality backlinks possible. Some of the factors of determining how good these links will be include:

    Authority - a strong site, usually indicated by high PR, will be better.
    Relevance - a site about the same niche/topic as yours will be worth more.
    **************** - this one is debatable but certainly **************** could not be worse than nofollow.
    OBL - a site with fewer backlinks, or out bound links, already on it will be worth more
    Anchor Text - being able to use good keywords for your anchor text is better than using your name or no anchor text.

    So no, all links are not created equal.