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    after driving from midnight to 9am back to ohio from DC nonstop without sleeping i get home and find out not only did someone steal the radio from our van. they ripped every wire in the middle of the dash out it looks like and ripped my dash apart to get to the radio.

    my husband suspects a neighbor that is supposedly our friend because whoever stole the stereo did not take a digital camera in the glove box or the $50 best buy card in the console and a bunch of other little valuable things that we are 100% sure a random thief would have took.

    it was like someone wanted the stereo but didnt want to take everything we have because then it would be mean.

    the messed up part is its a brand new stereo. he got it so i could plug my mp3 player in the usb part or put an sd card in or plug a thumb drive into it to listen to music and it always showed the words of what is playing on over the air radio.

    i think my husband might explode!