Ayn tips for avoiding/getting out of the sandbox? Antoher site dumped in there today :(

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Ranko Jones, May 23, 2012.

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    Mar 3, 2011
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    Just last night I was just starting to get a little wind of confidence back again as this new site I'd been working on for the last two months was now ranking on front for nearly all of its kws and starting to earn some ok money. I went to bed with a hint of satisfaction thinking...hmm this seo game isnt so bad afterall. I began having aspirations of scaling up and how I'd do it etc as I went to sleep with a semi contented smile on my face.

    So wake up this morning check my serps and BOOM FULL G SLAP and crunch in the balls seeing all kws off and out of site with only random weird pages ranking in the low dbl figures such as privacy policy and tags.

    Its as if they are now omnipotent and any aspirations above your station will be immediately punished without remorse.

    Content was impeccable on the site. I had done around 70/30 kw/random variation from day one. In terms of blasting I think Id blasted alot harder when I first began the sites so don't think it is that either.

    Thing is though another two of my previously sandboxed sites resurfaced this past week or two. Kws in the teens or front page. I had done no kw variation for one of them so there goes that idea.

    Any other theories on how to get out/prevent it happening?

    In the meantime I'll just work on these resurfaced sites. I guess this is another factor in the SEO quagmire, navigating multiple websites in and out of the box as I see no rhyme or reason for them going in atm. Only thing I can think of is that G is still doing heavy work in the workshop causing these wild changes because I dont think its my linkbuilding. Maybe, cant say for sure.

    Baffled like usual.
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    Tell me about it. 6 of my sites got slapped bit under week ago and some weird pages ranking. Most are ranking now at pages 5-7, and even if I take very unique 6-10 word phrase from my site, I'm still on pages 3-6. Not sure what to think of. Glad I still got few site ranking 1st.
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    I honestly don't even look back when a site is slapped. The chances of you doing something to get it recovered is slim to none. And you're better off starting fresh and getting a head start with an aged domain.

    The only time I focus on bringing a site back is if it's a real big project that I worked long and hard on and even then most of the times it just isn't worth it. Just focus on other things and you never know it might jump right back up sometime in the future.