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Aug 16, 2012
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I am selling AWS Account with 20 limit, 10 limit and 5 limit.

Price is given as follows
For 20 limit = 20$
For 10 limit = 10$
For 5 limit = 6$

Payment method : Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill
There is discount for bulk orders.
Note : PM before purchase to know the availability of accounts

Terms :
1) No refund after purchase and checking of accounts as advertised here.
2) Buyer can't change the email id if any issue arise with the account.
3) Replacement of account is only possible while there is an issue with account at the time of delivery.

4) Refund only be given if we failed to deliver the accounts
Limit explain how many vps that I can make right?
Limit explain how many vps that I can make right?

Limits means how many vps you are allowed to make in one particular region.

Prices slashed for accounts limited time only
For 20 limit = 12$
For 10 limit = 8$
For 5 limit = 5$
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Do you have any accounts with high t2 ec2 instance limits?
What can we do with those accounts ? Are we going to pay bills to amazon or those are have trial coupon like google vds ?

ı dont know anything about amazon aws could you explain with your knowledge in detall ?
Hello I Need 20 Limit Account please let me know how can we proceed
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What is the method of accessing these accounts? Can coupons be used with this account?
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