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Awesome Redirect Tool - Kblinker

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by S M W, May 18, 2009.

  1. S M W

    S M W Junior Member

    May 8, 2009
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    Ok, I've read a lot of posts about double-meta refreshing and redirects to cover some of your tracks. I want to introduce you guys to an absolutely fabulous script that I'm using.

    This tool is like tinyurl on steroids because of all the options it gives you with how to redirect your links... php301, single-meta, double-meta, java, and iframe redirects.

    the script is self-hosted on any of your domains, uses mysql databases, has a decent interface and a built in geo-ip redirect in case your surfer doesn't qualify for the offer you're targeting. i can't say enough nice things about this script but i'm sure some one here will bitch that it isn't a free tool or that they could do this all manually.

    sure, you can do it all by hand if you want. but this thing is simple and powerful and comes with excellent support. the author makes updates constantly and will even implement suggestions to make it even better.

    it does have a fully functional 7-day trial and is reasonably priced (50)

    btw i have no affiliation with them i just really like the script.

    read more here - kblinker..com


    • Mask your links at any of your supported domains.
    • Block AND Redirect traffic.
      • Based on traffic referral.
      • Or internet address.
    • Prevent Affiliate Networks from redirecting ineligible international traffic away from you:
      • Redirect traffic to specific destinations based on their country of origin.
      • Your choice of a local GeoIP database, or remote GeoPlugin server for the georouting functionality.
    • Attach additional information with your cloaked links.
    • Control how your redirect link works
      • Straight Thru (PHP/301)
      • Referral Scrubbing (Double Meta Refresh)
      • Address hiding (Framed Redirection)
      • Stealth (Javascript Redirect)
    • Works independently of existing software.
    • Save Money
      • Direct traffic to multiple destinations from a single campaign link.