Aweber stealer! help

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    Hi Guys, i have signed up with aweber 4 months ago for the $1 trial account and i forgot about it ,now they have debited my credit card ($19) (6/2/2012) without me knowing anything!! i have sent them an email telling them that i want a refund they sent me a message requesting my email & password and then they canceled my account, i don't know if they refunded the money or not! here's the message they sent me:

    Your account has been canceled. I'm sorry to see you go, but we
    certainly appreciate your business. I was able to delete the 3 pending]
    invoices on the account as a 1 time courtesy. That being the case you
    won't be responsible for paying those 3 pending invoices
    We hope you'll consider using our service again in the future under
    different circumstances.
    please anyone know a way to get my money back from those fuckers? please help

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    So let me get this straight...

    You signed up for a $1.00 trial, forgot to cancel the account before the bill was due, they charged you for a service that you signed up for and never cancelled, and now you're saying they are stealing your money? And how exactly is any of this their fault?
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    Just FYI,

    They seemed like good guys to me. I also did the $1 free trial to try them out, decided I like who I'm with better (mostly just too lazy to move wasn't enough more that they offered) and forgot about it. I noticed a charge a couple of weeks after the trial expired and called to cancel, they refunded the charge AND I didn't even ask for the refund as it was my own fault for not cancelling in time, I was only calling to cancel he offered it!

    PS it sounds like from the e-mail they could've billed you 4 months but cancelled the remaining 3 months of bills after you e-mailed them - sounds like you got off pretty good.