Avoiding taxes & recession

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    I am a citizen of Germany and have my own small IM company here.

    Since I, as an IM, am geographically independant and do not have a family, I am considering moving, or at least allocating my company to a more tax-friendly state. I obviously want to avoid the EU, since the Euro is going down the drain rather quickly.

    How would you suggest I proceed?
    I am willing to move or even apply for another citizenship, as long as it is more lucrative in short, as well as, long term.

    Thanks in advance
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    Move to Romania to take advantage of the fastest internet in Europe and register a company in Bulgaria,they have lowest tax rate in the EU and one of the lowest in the world. IM can be done in other currencies and you can have foreign bank accounts,so you would not be affected by falling euro. In fact if you do it right you could benefit by falling euro and living in the euro zone if you make your money with other currencies.

    Your from germany so if you dont live there you wont pay the high german taxes. Only u.s. Citizens have to pay taxes on worldwide income while living overseas.
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