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Avoid Getting your Instagram Accounts banned

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by adventurouslover, May 11, 2015.

  1. adventurouslover

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    Jan 20, 2011
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    Hi Guys

    Today I got 10 IG accounts banned and I wanted to post how it happened so it does not happen to you.

    Problem: Changed my monthly proxies

    My accounts were running great and I was forced to replace my proxies when my provider sent me the new monthly proxies.

    I was using followliker and but no means it was a bot problem. It is just part of working with a tough social media.

    When I assigned the new proxies 10 accounts were banned and you would think, the proxies must have been blacklisted but that was not the problem.

    I went to the activity log and I noticed that all accounts where logging in with the new proxies at the same time and this is a problem.

    I have been using 5 accounts per proxy w/o any problem as I use very conservative settings.

    But IG triggers an alert everytime an accounts changes IP. If you think about it IG is used mainly by people with their cell and it is not normal that those users will be changing IPs. Now when you have 5 accounts at the same time changing IP and using the same one, that is not normal in anyway.

    The way around is this:

    - Change the IP and run only one account at the time.Later keep adding the others one by one. So the change of IP happens only one account per proxy at a time. This is working fine for me.

    - Contact you proxy supplier and ask them to always keep the same private proxies month to month for you. This is probably the safest of all and something I am implementing from now on.

    I hope this helps