Average 2000 EUR/USD Priced Product to Market

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    The yacht charter companies where I live have a real world system where they pay 20% as commission if you sell a charter. Usually it's 60% boat owner, 20 charter company, and 20 commissions.

    You could say an average yacht charter goes for around 2000 EUR (approx. 2000 USD). We could market the product with promos llike "300 EUR/$ Off", etc. and still keep 100 EUR/USD per sale (for the average charter price). Split that 50/50, we get 50 EUR/USD per sale, each.

    The only thing I can think of being needed is a tracking system to see the sales that happened over us. There could be other considerations too (which is why I'm sharing here). BHW has quite a few internet marketers and this offers a good commission so maybe I'm looking for a bit of constructive back and forth here...