Autoresponder to trigger with multiple signups to the same list

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    Hey guys--

    I have a number of forms on my site, once filled out, need to trigger an auto responder sequence to the user.

    Adding a user to an Autoresponder list works great for this -- the first time. But doesn't seem to work when someone submits for the second time (because they are already subscribed to the list). I need to trigger an email sequence every time someone fills out one of the auto responder forms.

    user enters email on form for deal 1 > email: info for deal 1 - start deal 1 sequence
    same user enters email on another form for deal 2 > email: here is deal 2 info - start deal 2 sequence

    But the user needs to be on a single list...just multiple auto responder sequences

    Any suggestions to get an auto responder to work for their second, third or fourth submissions?

    I could use either mailchimp or getresponse (I already tried "groups" in mailchimp)