Automotive Affiliate Marketing - How to promote it our program?

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    I'm normally a publisher for affiliates but I have started working at a company that does wholesale automotive parts and accessories and wants to step into retail. They are allowing me to create their e-Commerce sites but they're a bit leery of being online in general so I am not given an adwords or much of a marketing budget at all. I was able to convince the president of the company to allow me to set up an affiliate program but he doesn't want to shell out the money for start up costs at CJ.

    Instead I set up an affiliate with LeadDyno that is integrated with e-Commerce and has automatic payments to affiliates on a daily basis. LeadDyno doesn't advertise their marketers to publishers so I'm stuck with trying to figure out how to get people signed up. The product is a perfect niche, since we're the manufacturer our costs are much lower than our resellers so we can afford to pay out more per sale. Our resellers are using PPC campaigns and making bank but even though we can outbid them and make more money, I haven't been given permission yet. We're making millions a year off of eBay and I know we can do more through e-Commerce.

    How should I go about finding publishers? Also, I'm only allowed to pay out per sale generated so what's an enticing amount to pay out per sale in the automotive market? I can do a flat rate or a percentage.

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