Automating massive trackbacks . . .(how to)

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    Or, how to stop running trackback programs 24 hours a day with a 5% post rate . . .

    So. I gave some software to the people in my test coaching program the other day.

    It's some autoblog software. And of course most people here know how or could figure out how to set up a self posting blog.

    However, as I've mentioned before, because many people know how to do something, doesn't necessarily mean they know how to do it well, or very effectively.

    This post is about trackbacking on steroids, and how to leverage that for massive traffic anywhere you want.

    So I'm not going to give everything away, and I'm not going to provide an automated solution for it but I will give you the basic idea.

    When I build a self-posting blog, I look to gather content from any place that may have trackbacks turned on, or which has referral stats.

    Some of these sources would include:

    • Google Blog Search
    • RSS Feeds that I would provide
    • Technorati
    • Blogdigger
    • Blogpulse
    • MSN Spaces
    • Google News
    • Flickr
    • Youtube

    and so on . . .

    Basically I want to pull from most of the big rss/blog aggregators, to get content from as many different types of blog platforms as possible.

    So you're still with me, right?

    Here's the mistake that most people make, and here's what's wrong with most of the "out of the box" auto blog programs (which you can easily remedy)

    1. The re-write the urls that the content is sourced from to be local to the root directory of your website (dont' provide links to the original source)
    2. They don't automatically enable attempted trackback posting from Wordpress
    3. They don't handle tagging well

    So let's assume for a minut that you have something that you want to generate traffic for . . . Let's say it's a cpa offer or whatever.

    Let's also say that you've got the sign up form for that as the index of your domain root. It's the front page of the domain, in other words.

    Here's one of the ways that I would approach traffic generation:
    1. Install an self writing wordpress blog in a sub-directory
    2. Set it up to pull content from as many and as varied sources as possible
    3. Enable attempted trackback posting in Wordpress
    4. Script the plug-in to pull the tags from the original post and to link back to the original post, and the original sites categories using those tags
    5. Run the plugin at a high frequency - or often, in other words
    6. Get everything in that directory indexed as quickly as possible
    7. Delete the blog
    8. do a 301 re-direct of that sub-directory back to the root (you could be running it on a subdomain too, which is a bit safer)

    The net result is:

    1. Once those pages, posts and tags are indexed by the search engines, you'll probably get traffic for those keywords, which will be re-directed to your index or wherever you 301'd it to
    2. Most of the content that you pull in will post a trackback ping to the original source with a link to your blog, with the anchor text being the tag that you pulled from the originial article.
    3. You get tons of links from trackback posts that you don't have to deal with or run a utility to post which are incredibly niche specific (link relativity being an important factor)
    4. If the trackbacks ride for a while, at least until the 301 is picked up by the search engines, you'll get backlinks for every keyword IMAGINABLE to your niche or industry for your homepage
    5. You can run this off domain for safety. On a cheap .info or whatever, and then re-direct that domain to your protected site

    This also works well with some of the video site builders that create good silo structures, with the new referral system that youtube is using. If you have good keyword lists you can clean up like this.

    I'm going to post a case study on another forum in a day or so where I did this, and went from almost no traffic to 500 opt-ins in a 48 hour period, and I'll let you know where to check those screen shots later.

    You get the traffic from the specific sub-domain, folder, or domain once it's indexed, you get the click through traffic from the source blogs, and you get the link volume and anchor text to rank for lots of terms, and it takes about 10 minutes to set up if you can do it right.

    Hopefully I explained this in an easy to understand way, because I'm very busy and probably won't get back to do any updates in the next week or so.

    I should put this in the JV section, but I'm about to do a limited WSO for generation 2 of my coaching program in about 2 days and I guess it will sell out.

    Once that happens, I'll double the price to $250, so if you would like to sign up as an affiliate at I am paying out $125 per sale.


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    Just stumbled across this post.

    This is almost exactly the same thing as a cycle site, which Eli of bluehat has posted about. Or maybe you are Eli, haha.

    Anyways, good stuff.
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    this is awesome. But how we do:

    # Script the plug-in to pull the tags from the original post and to link back to the original post, and the original sites categories using those tags
    # Run the plugin at a high frequency - or often, in other words

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    That's so confusing. Is there a version for stupid people, or are we SOOL? lol

    (Or is there at least something we can do manually if we're not "programmerically" inclined?) :p
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    Two questions:

    1. What about Youtube? When you autoblog youtube videos do you get a trackback?

    2. How do you get Flickr trackbacks? I'm only aware of posting comments to get backlinks.
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    Naaah, he's talking about the SEO Empire 1 post.
    Just jump into it and search for "Cycle Sites"