Automated spam vs manual quality

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ErjeBoevem, Mar 16, 2010.

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    I just wanted to make this thread so people can know if spam or quality is the best.

    In 1-2 days I have to sites optimized for a two keywords with nearly the same competition. One of them are .com the other one .net , both of them are wordpress blogs with 100% unique content.

    For one of the sites a friend of mine will build high quality backlinks with PR atleast 3. Ten do follow links first day, then 15 then 20 until the site has been stabelized on top 3.

    The other site will get spam backlinks. I have some pretty good scrapebox comments with high stick rate. I dont post on PR blogs only but 1/3 have 2+ PR, all of the blogs is do follow.
    With spam I will post 500 successfull comments the first day, then 1000 until it ranks (If it will).

    I will also build some backlinks after the site is ranked top 3 but not as many (Same ways to get backlinks).

    I will update the thread as soon any change will happen. Also: I will start in 1-2 days so if you think there is anything else I should try to tell me.

    My hypothesis will be that the spam site will rank faster but in the end it will be sandboxed or get a ridicolus low ranking.

    What do you think?