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Kevin has noticed some DataBase issues the past week and has been optimizing the tables and re-writing queries and is updating the DB version as well. Some of his behind the scenes work could cause you to not be able to see everything in your dashboard that you would normally see. It also has caused a slight backlog in processing but is moving well now and will improve even more over the next few days.

If you are experiencing any slow processing/not being able to see your linkpushes/excel file not showing up/any other situation problems please let me know via email - [email protected] - and I'll be sure to take a look to make sure that you are properly served.

I apologize for some of the adjustments but K-Man needs to go in there periodically and "tune things up" periodically.
Thanks for all the action in this thread, folks! We are closing this thead after 270,00+ views and over 5900 posts and opened another one here.

Linkpushing 5 is out and after talking with the administors here at BHW it wa decided a new thread would be the proper thing to set up. So please go to The New Thread and marvel at the new developments that we have up our sleeves!

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