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    My website is currently using Wordpress with the Shopp plug-in. For SEO purposes, I created a universal cell phone charger that works with thousands of compatible devices. I would like to create thousands of individual product pages for each device. Is there a way to do this through a macro or ecommerce page where i list it into an excel/csv file and have it done automatically? My website is buychargeall (dot) com.

    An example would be this printer store: parts here (dot) com and model C8389A
    They have thousands of product pages with nothing more than the individual part number and picture listed.

    Another example would be this cell phone store: batteries (dot) com blackberry-7780. They have hundreds of compatible products listed.

    Another example would be this cell phone store: 1800mobiles (dot) com where the model numbers are listed in each individual page.

    Is there an ecommerce solution?