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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by methaman, Oct 25, 2009.

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    Alright guys,

    I'm going to be setting up 100 autoblogs over the next 3 months - and will document my successes and failures to you all on here. As autoblogged is something I've only dabbled with on a very small scale previously, I'll be more than happy to throw out a dollar or two through paypal to anyone offering advice or general help.

    Currently, my main dilemma is .com vs .info - 100 .com's will cost me the guts of $750 - wheras 100 .infos can be picked up for as cheap as $100. Would you consider the .com to be required in order to make decent cash in this industry?

    <edit>on domains; currently planning on using keyword sensitive domains.</edit>

    Plugins - for content scraping, I plan on using feedwordspress. Following this, I'm going to be looking at general social bookmark submission plugins etc - nothing major or resource intensive.

    Server - Right now I'm thinking dedicated server to keep safe during any traffic spikes; could anyone recommend a good shared server, or would you recommend sticking with a dedi?

    Publisher adverts - currently set on hopefully at least one major CPA offer per blog, then fill up with Adsense/Kontera otherwise.

    Advertising myself - auto social bookmark submission programs (any recommendations?), and investing $10 per autoblog in CPC text links.

    I'm putting around $1500 aside to see what I can grab back - wish me luck, and any comments/suggestions/advice are always appreciated :)

    - lleti
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    Hey, I wont suggest you create 100 blogs. I did that before, and my adsense account got banned.

    I use only auto social poster plugin and article marketing as marketing method.

    And not all blogs make the same amount of money, even I create them in same way, same topic.

    I gonna tell you that you wont make more than $0.05 per blog because most blogs wont make any money even they have constant traffic.

    I have read someone wrote a thread claim that he use artcile marketing only to brought huge amount of targeted traffic, and make $1 to $5 daily from each of his blog, and he also claim the articles are "quality articles", thats why he got so many visitors. Also he emphasize about mini niche, so if you cant find that secret mini niche, you wont make that kind of money, either.

    All auto blog method are the same, only three things will vary from different people: niche you pick, traffic you got, theme you have

    I think most people use similiar them, so I suppose it will not be a problem.

    as for targeted traffic, well, we all follow same method but result in different result, I dont know.

    Niche? mini-niche? well, the concept we all know, but still cant find mini niche that make me money.

    Anyway, if you have 100 sites have adsense, its a risk. If you use auto social poster to spam social bookmarketing sites, its a risk. If all your websites grow too fast, its a risk.

    In any aspects, auto blog is a risking method for making money from adsense.

    After I lost my adsense account for second time, I just dont believe any short cut method anymore.

    Make money if you have authority website, forget about autoblogs, thats my suggestion.
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