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    So I made my first attempt at IM and I'm sure I've made a lot of mistakes. Still, I picked low competitive keywords (allintitle less than 10K, keyword in quotes usually around 30K, top competitors with mostly newer domains, several with PR under 3, not too many back links, etc...) built 10 WP autoblogs using these keywords. Traffic Travis gave all my sites As for on-page seo for the keywords (is this even a good measurement?) but after a month the best one is in the 100s, 2 are in 500s and the rest have 40+ indexed pages but don't rank in the top 1000!

    I've been doing some scrapebox blasting and outsourced some quality back links, but it'll take some time to see those effects I'm sure. I know I need to do some more backlinking, but I've heard about people using similar criteria for microniches and got on the first page or at least the top 100 in a couple days/weeks without even needing backlinks. I just recently got some plugins to make my content unique, but is it too late for these sites? Did G filter them because they only had one unique article? Should I bother trying to make some link pyramids or start over?

    I appreciate the help guys. I've done a lot of reading but I'm still new at this.