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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by NoWhErE, Sep 18, 2009.

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    Ok, I've setup an auto-blog this Monday. I still haven't been indexed. I'm pretty sure my first mistake was that I added to many feeds, I'm getting about 10 posts per day which is WAY too much, that I know.

    What I am wondering is this:

    1 - How can you not get penalised by google for duplicate content? I haven't found a way to slightly re-write articles so as to avoid duplicate content

    2 - Is there a way to automatically make all outbound links from articles nofollow so I can keep all my PR juice for myself?

    3 - Whats the difference between Autoblogged and FeedWordpress? I see everyone vouching for autoblogged, yet after reading their site I can't see what the advantage of having them over Feed Wordpress is. I'm sure I've overlooked something.

    If any experienced auto-blogger would mind explaining to me the finer points of auto-blogging, please PM me so we can talk. If you're information is useful, I am more than happy to pay for your time or we can work out an exchange of service, I have many usefull skills.
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    pm me and giving your IM and i will add you on my IM (AIM, SKype, MSN, YM, GTalk)