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    Hello there, right now im setting up my first autoblog on wordpress! :D im really excited about this and looking forward to see some profits :D

    So i got an idea, what about opening an timed onsite overlay popup with an email submit that pre-pops a cpa offer targeted to the autoblog niche, and then after they have subscribed maybe do a sales funnel with 1 upsale and 1 downsale. That way you will be building a list + maybe get som plr and affiliate products sales. I Dont know if this is a good idea? is there any downsides?

    Also 1 question - How often should i post unique and spinned content on my autoblog? and should i put anything else than adsense on the page?

    planning to do 20 autoblogs a week :)

    Also i'm planning to promote my website with tweetattacks, and build backlinks with scrapebox and SeNukeX And for those who wanna know, i use market samurai to find keywords
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