Autoblogging in a nutshell + Need help XD

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    Hey everyone, thanks to BHW and all the info here. I know I've said it before but this forum taught me so much so I want to give back, Yes you've probably heard of this before but yea im thankful for everything here.

    So after a month of reading I did my first autoblog. I actually began with a basic html site, targeting a topic/niche and successfully signed up for affliate sites, though didnt earn a dime and so I scrapped that. thus i turned to autoblogging.

    So for basic autoblogging,

    Research your niche/keyword
    . ----
    Like most, Im using market samurai and traffic travis for work. You'll be able to find it here just search. Yet, I am still not quite good at looking for a niche.... Everyone seems to be seeing something that I yet cannot see to locate one... hope an experienced veteran could show an example?

    Here decide what type of autoblog u want to do. wordpress or blogger or 'html/php or watever' based website. Wordpress = need domain, hosting and plugins. Blogger = no need for hosting, but you can use a domain for better seo, aka blogger email autoblog (where content or junk from your inbox gets posted up to the blogger site). 'html/php or watever' based website - these are the ones you create so you'll need domain + hosting, mostly these are content generated through rss feeds..

    Next, register domain + hosting ----
    hostgator for hosting, namecheap and godaddy for domains. there are some good info on how to host your domain from namecheap/godaddy on hostgator, its on some blogs so just google it if your confused. There are also other hosting sites and domain purchasing sites that are discussed in bhw, search for those. Rmb to look up coupons of your domain purchasing sites for discounts.

    Autoblog for wordpress
    Wordpress use wp-videotube, wp-robot, these are probably the easiest and best for quality. Other key plugins are the all-in-one adsense, privacy policy (look better for g), and im not really sure for seo... as there are a few... can anyone recommend a good one? platinum seo, all in one seo, seo smart links and seo smart automatic links, i dont know the difference. Dont pay for it, please search these plugins up on downloads section, awesome members with awesome uploads. Also remember to put in the robots.txt on your folders. :D

    This I hate the most.. yet the most important. Bascially the make or break for your site. Ive tried tons of methods but have yet to see one that works for good. So please... anyhelp here would be greatly appreciated ^^.
    I am using this method... please search the forum for the programs..
    For backlinking,

    article submitter - did not work for me at all, nothing happens and you take forever posting to those sites, yet no link backs..
    imacros - have yet to try.. looks somewhat promising, needs quite a bit of config in firefox

    Prbacklinks - the only one that I can see actually works.. basically a wordpress commentor , copy paste comment and it posts, awesome as it loads up other ur-keywords-related blogs, and you just copy and paste to comment

    PRSTORM - ive gone through the journey of this, yet have yet to see results, can anyone care to explain?
    so for prstorm.. its basically creating backlinks through using lots of ips and urls that increase hits or something and boosts ur site (ithink)
    well you need ....
    --- Charon (for proxy testing, find proxies on G or search forum)
    *need to know 'judges' to check your ip list
    --- ScrapeGenius or any scraper (scrape urls of ur related niche)
    *grabs urls/domains that are related to you so you can use them
    --- Url washer, or any domain shorteners etc
    *cuts the scraped urls to main page short domains eg: .com/1234/987/213 to just .com

    Tutorials are on the site as well.. but after all that just pluginto PRSTORM and voila, there you have it.

    Still dont quite understand niche finding.. and the whole backlinking, seems like those programs dont work or does it take time?

    I hope this quick guide can help new members set up something.. I've yet to cash double-digits with G with 1 autoblog... open to suggestions!!

    If I screwed up on anything. Please, do make a comment on it and lets discuss!! Brainstorm guys! Practice and input from others makes perfect :D