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    So I'm going to start my first foray into autoblogs, and I was hoping some of you could take a look at my plan and give some advice.I reserached a bunch and most of what I saw was autoblogging for adsense but not for linkbuilding.

    I'm autoblogging to help my money site in the SERPS. The money site right now is ranking great in Google for all of my keywords but is terrible in Yahoo(the SERPS show on average about 300,000 results). My plan is to create a selfhosted autoblog using WPRobot and link to my money site and some Youtube videos that are showing up already on the first page of google SERPS. I'm hoping that eventually I can have the top 5 spots for my keywords, including a 4 thumbnail video group.I also plan on SeNuking the autoblogs with bookmarks and open linkwheels.

    1-How often is safe to link back to my money site or Youtube videos?

    2-Would it help to add original content every 2 or 3 posts?

    3- Is it enough to keep the linkwheels open to keep them indexed? Should I post more than one original article on them, say 1 original per month?

    3-Any tips or advice?
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    where you get wprobot?
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    WP Robot is on the do-not-share list thats why you wont find it here. tip: google :)

    that thing that you want to do is some sort of a link-wheel. you could look for articles and tutorials on that topic to get the best results. i'm sure there are some really good ones. they will give you _good_ answers for your questions!