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autoblogged XML-RPC ping

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by iglow, May 20, 2009.

  1. iglow

    iglow Elite Member

    Feb 20, 2009
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    Okay since autoscheduling doesnt work in new wordpress version there is option of XML-RPC ping. Somehow it doesnt tell what to ping and what kind of cron set up. Anybody has idea on how to do it? I tried reading support forums and nothing..
  2. autoblogged

    autoblogged Registered Member

    Mar 7, 2009
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    Why are you making the assumption that autoscheduling doesn't work? You are incorrect, autoblogged scheduling works just fine with all versions of wordpress.

    There was an issue in one autoblogged release where the 2.7 UI wasn't showing the last run time, but that was only a UI issue, the scheduler still runs, it just doesn't show the last run time in WordPress. That UI issue is fixed in our current release.

    The scheduling is similar to the pseudo-cron feature that WordPress uses. When WordPress runs, autoblogged checks to see if it is time to process the feeds. The reason it is called a pseudo-cron is because it depends on WordPress activity, which depends on people hitting the site. If you have a site that gets no hits, WordPress will never trigger a schedule check.

    There are some things that can cause problems with the scheduling. The most common is caching. Caching can occur on the client, on the server, or anywhere in-between. If a client gets a cached copy of the site, it may prevent WordPress from triggering scheduled updates.

    Furthermore, plugins such as WP Super Cache intentionally prevent WordPress from loading by serving static content from a cache and therefore will also prevent any pseudo-cron schedules from running. You can work around this by excluding certain pages from the cache or externally scheduling regular hits to non-cached areas such as wp-admin.

    We also have a new add-in that will allow you to use an external cron scheduler to precisely control scheduled updates. That add-in is available to registered customers in our forums.

    The XMLRPC feature is there so other blogs can ping your site when they have a new update. If their blog is one of your autoblogged feeds, it will trigger the processing of that feed. It's like how you can ping Technorati when you have a new blog post and they add an excerpt to their site.

    Version 3.0 due out later this year will have much control over scheduling.