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    Hello BHW members,

    I read a few journals here and think it will really help me and motivate me to work more if I start one too. I will share here whatever I am doing at the moment regularly. I am yet to see light at the end of the tunnel but thats ok. I am starting this thread to motivate myself to keep going and also invite other autobloggers to share their experience.

    Story so far

    I have almost read all the major AB threads here and most of the recommended eBooks - paid and free. Took 2 weeks to complete my own blueprint which is still evolving as I learn new stuff.

    After taking notes I started out 2 weeks before with an experiment blog and right now have 5 blogs on different niche. I know the number is very small but i was in a learning mode and now I am going to start full fledge and scale it up.

    Plugins I have personally used

    WP Robot and UAW ( uaw is not producing unique content so stopped using it - not allowed to rewite content as per their request :( )

    amazonfeed / reviewzon - I like amazonfeed more but dont know how to hide affiliate link - might use wprobot default amazon and see how it works.
    Advanced Excerpt
    All in on google adsense n YPN
    Chocolate cookie stuffer (havent used it yet so cant really comment and I also cant visit the thread - less then 50 posts - so..)
    delete duplicate post unlimited
    google sitemap generator
    maxblog ping optimiser
    Max banner ads - havent used yet but recommended by evreyone
    Max stripe ads
    open in a new window
    oio publisher
    Platinum SEO Plugin
    Privacy Policy
    RSS Footer
    Smart 404
    SEO Automatic links
    SEO post links
    SEO Super comments
    Statspress Reloaded
    Twitter tools
    wp contact form
    wp super cache
    wp videotube - free version
    wp follow me
    wp footer ad
    yet another related post plugin

    Tools and softwares I am using

    Market Samurai (along with google keyword tool)
    Hummingbird 2.0
    Tweet Attack - free version - yet to test (dont know how to work proxies !!)

    keyword density . com

    A huge ping list / robots.txt / about us / disclaimer and privacy page on all blogs

    Stuff on my buy list

    2 incansoft softwares - press release and directorybot (bhw download not working for me !!)
    LFE n xrumer n SENuke

    I have a twitter account for each broad niche - I find it more convenient to handle - each account has about 120+ followers at the moment - after 4 days of running HB 2.0 - i think its a bit slow.

    I am also looking for a facebook plugin and going to search bhw for more details on using FB with AB - I think it can be used potentially to drive traffic to AB and increase earnings and also fan pages can bring some additional $$ - " research and taking notes " part is still pending though

    I am considering mailchimp plugin cause its free for optin thing but I really dont know what to send in emails !! I mean how do i create an email campaign with 100s of mails so i can send them on a weekly or daily basis ? Or am i taking it the wrong way ? Just collect mail ids and send them an offer and some free advice only once in a while ? I will read more in opt in section - pending..

    I am still trying to figure out how to use google news rss to get full feeds as they only show partial feeds and whether it is allowed to rewrite them ??

    I am also considering buying dropped domains and turning them into AB since that will increase my earnings by selling links etc.. not sure as it can be a bit expensive and more time consuming.

    It takes me about 4 hours to complete one AB at the moment - most of time is wasted beacuse of slow net connection and WP settings. I think I will be able to reduce it to 3 hours in a few weeks.

    My aim is build 500+ ABs in 5 months or atleast b4 christmas each making me $40 monthly on an average. Hope I can achieve it :)

    So far havent made anything from adsense and amazon. (amazon shows lots of clicks) Will try CB and eBay on the next few ABs to see how it works out.

    My main concern is getting full rss feeds and rewriting it, I dont know if i am allowed to rewrite google / bbc news feeds - I think it is against their TOS.. yet to confirm.

    I am just writing this randomly so it might be not in proper order. I will keep adding as I move ahead and find something.

    I hope I will be able to make this thread success and try level best not to let it die and would also urge other ABer both experienced and inexperienced to participate in the discussion.

    Please post your urls directly in the thread as hyperlinked - use spaces.

    Wish me luck :)
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    Very nice list of plugins. I am just beginning AB. Best Wishes!
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    Feb 11, 2010
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    All I can say is stick to it and don't get discouraged by results along the way.
    Create, set, leave it, repeat.

    Keep working hard and keep us updated =)
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    good luck bro, i wish i can follow this journal
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    Just subscribed, can't wait to check out your success. If you need to ask anything, we'll be glad to help you. But by the sounds of it, you pretty much know what your doing! Good luck
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    Update: It might sound a small one but it gave me motivation anyway..

    I just got a sale - $3 per month as long as he is paying.. tats a good sign.

    Thanks for the reply and motivation guys. :)
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    Jan 11, 2008
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    Just bought 12 dropped domains - very targeted keywords - i think i was just lucky :)

    What i am thinking is writing 15 to 20 unique / quality articles for each of them and then converting it into autoblogs - it will really push the domains up in rankings and increase adsense earnings..

    While using google keyword tool - there is a column which shows - estimated average cpc ---- does it mean that the advertiser has to pay $ xx for each click ??

    And how much of that is received by the publisher ??

    Suppose there is a keyword - abc - cpc is $100 --- so it should mean that everytime someone clicks on an add being shown for that kw advertiser has to pay $100 per click made ??

    The old sites are gaininng in traffic but still no conversions. i think i will start seeing profits after about 6 weeks.. lets see what happens.

    Thanks for the help and support. I will post more.
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    Jan 11, 2008
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    ok i have figured all of the above questions.

    Ijust started receiving articles and making them live. Meanwhile I am buying more domains - kws - specific that i can find.

    I read somehwere that you should create a site / blog on dropped doaminwithin 2 weeks of gaining possession. It safe guards your PR and BLs.

    Meanwhile I had few more blogs that were whitehat with PR and Bls. I converting them into ABs too.

    Traffic on the 5 blogs that I had created is not much. Still more or less the same. Lets see how everything turns out in about 6 weeks or so.

    All the articles got indexed alright.
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    Good work, I grabbed a few more plugins from your list.
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    Has any of your autoblogs many you any money yet?
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    can you give us an update
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    how about an update