[autoblog success 2018 ] i have got 10k unique visitors in one day


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Aug 17, 2017
i have a small success last day
i had 10k unqiue visitors in one day for a 3 long tail keywords
i was happy last night , i have finally small success
the technique used autoblogging with a twist
almost all members here said you cant rank an autoblog ,autoblog is dead,.....etc
i had alot of failures with autoblogging techniques ,but finally by knowing exactly how google think ,i designed my autoblog in a special way with alot of twisting ,it was really unique and google love it so much
no backlinks
it works completely on autopilot
i am celebrating right now
next plan to scale it up with different long tail keywords,

thanks everyone here , i was able to do by watching your posts and your journeys , learning something from each post and thats add up to my knowledge
where do you host? how you deal with copyright issues and complaints..

not faced it yet i dont think i will face it

Sharing the technique will provide you lot of thanks from respected members of BHW. So do share. :D

i cant share it exactly how it works for obvious reasons
but spending so much time in a thing and make a lot of case studies will reveal to you secrets and seo is about patience as we all know
choosing very low competition keywords play a key role in this technique
there is no such secret.

just do some seo techniques.

for low competition keywords autoblogs works.
Glad to hear this method is still working. I remember 5 years ago I had a lot of success with autoblogs.
I understand what auto blogging is but just curious that do your posts are totally copied or some spun in between ? And yes what are the MS of your kws
there is something like spinning in the posts of course
i guess any method will work if you twist it well enough
can u answer my question pls: whats the monthly searches for your keywords?
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