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    This is just a thought and would love to get feedback from someone who can shed some more light on the subject.

    If you set up an autoblog and used the Advertising Manager plugin to create hyperlinks that appear on posts only could you create a really strong internal linking structure for your blog?

    EG: Ipod Niche

    Blog categories: Ipod Nano, Ipod Touch, Ipod Shuffle

    Then in Ad Manager set up hyperlinks using the above keywords and set it so that the "ipod touch" hyperlink only shows up on posts in the 'ipod touch' category.

    As this hyperlink would appear on ipod touch posts wouldn't it make the links very relative which the G likes?

    Based on the above example you would have a blog PAGE set up for each of the above keywords and have the hyperlinks point to these relative PAGES on your blog.

    Do you think, due to the internal linking structure, help your blog PAGES rank well in Google and the other search engines?

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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    Hi shez..

    Please help?? there are three category right? how about another keyword "ipod nano and ipod Shuffle?", where place that i should input them?
    like this on single.php with your instruction, example:

    <h4><?php comments_number('0', '1', '%'); ?></h4>

    <!-- AD MANAGER CODE: the next line of code is for your ad manager and will make your ads appear just above the content of your post -->
    <center><?php adsensem_ad('ipodtouch1'); ?><?php adsensem_ad('ipodtouch2'); ?><?php adsensem_ad('ipodtouch3'); ?></center>


    and then how about with another keyword "ipod nano and ipod Shuffle?", i mean can i make them all(three category:ipod Nano, ipod Touch, ipod Shuffle) appear on posts at same time? may God blessed you always
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