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AutoBlog Idea & Queries (Help very much appreciated)

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by muchacho, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. muchacho

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    May 14, 2009
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    Lancashire, England.
    OK, I've never set up an auto blog before but I was wondering what your thoughts are of the following. It will be for a well known TV show, so I'm hoping Twitter, Facebook and other social sites will give me enough traffic without the need to do any Xrumer etc.

    - Purchase domain & hosting (it'll be on a reseller host)
    - Install wordpress
    - Install something such as wp-robot to get the blog posts from other well known sites + spin
    - Use TweetAdder to automatically tweet the headline of a blog post each time it's been added to the site.
    - User Interspire Email Marketing software to enable people to add their email address on the blog and be added to the auto responder for weekly news, updates etc.

    The aim of the site is simply to get the traffic in at the moment. I plan to add a forum/messageboard to the website too and have people discussing the TV show. I can then consider adding affiliate links, advertising etc, but I plan to have Twitter, Facebook along with new blog posts to bring them in, initially.

    - Will I need a special type of hosting or will it not take much bandwidth? I currently pay £15 a month for a reseller account, so providing it doesn't use a stupid amount I should be fine. I assume a cron job will need to be added for the autoblog part to work.

    - Is there any free software that works as well as wp-robot or is it simply worth investing in?

    - Are there any spinners that can be added to Wordpress which will 'spin' the content before posting it onto my blog (and then sent out on Twitter as a tweet) and are these free? Will they spin the content enough, or like all the ones I've tried will they not make much sense without manual intervention.

    Many thanks in advance. I'll add more if/when they come to mind.
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