(Autoblog Fail) Amazon - 2081 Impressions - 3 Clicks (0.14%) - 0 Orders - Autoblogging

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by coreygeer, Jul 2, 2012.

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    So... I know Autoblog traffic is generally shitty but is this normal?

    I'm getting a good amount of visitors to the site. Amazon ads show up 50% of the time and Adsense shows up the other 50% of the time.

    2081 Impressions
    3 Clicks
    0 Orders

    Page Views: 1213
    0 Clicks

    Hrm... is this normal?

    Screw it, i'll share the blog http://www.manutdonlineshop.com/
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    I see your problem already, without even having to look at the site. First of all, either you go Adsense, or go Amazon, not both. If you do both, you are making a clustered environment for the user, which will drive them away from your site.

    Secondly, you said that you split the amount of times Adsense and Amazon appear in the same ad spot. Like I said before, it's either one or the other. It may sound good on paper, but it's not when it comes to putting it in action.

    Now, I went to your site. I see some problems that should easily be fixed. For one, remove the footer ad. I didn't even know it existed until I examined your site in detail. The header ad is fine, and this should convert quite well if you let it use Adsense only. The sidebar ad is not even worth putting there in my opinion. Sidebar ads never convert. Rather, put a 338x280 Adsense ad right on top of the content, but right below the title. These will give you high bank for the same amount of traffic.

    You can try these out with Amazon, but I would use Adsense. Just my 2 Cents :)

    PS: Edit your original post and remove your site. There are sharks out there on this site, and they might steal your niche. Don't want to bring competition on yourself, do we?
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    2000ish hits doesn't really guarantee you any amazon revenue. From my experience with Amazon, I get a ton of impressions, but it rarely leads to a sale. However, in the event that it does lead to a sale (especially a big one) the profits are great, way more than you would get from adsense.
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    you will get your adsense banned if you put your ad below the title. I am saying this based on experience. Lucky to those who were not banned yet. :)
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    Where is the traffic coming from? I used to do autoblogs like crazy but have stopped because Panda and Penguin but typically I was doing $30-$100 per month per autoblog but most of mine were for electronic devices like computers, tvs, cell phones, etc.
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    It's possible to put Adsense and and Amazon on the same site successfully, but you're doubling your complications in making money (not to mention the autoblog set-up). A site using both has to be built from the ground up to work with both, e.g., ensuring the optimal placement for both types of ads without breaking either Google's or Amazon's rules, selecting highly clicked Adsense keywords then matching them to good corresponding Amazon products, all the while configuring the site to hide the autoblog element, etc. You may have to set up a different site along these lines to figure out how to make these elements work.
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    There are some topics and visitors that do not convert well, some visitors are just looking for news and to read, and maybe something free might interest them. You would have to keep testing what works.

    But i have to say over 2,000 visitors to your site is far from a fail, its a great sign :)