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    Mend weeks and months I was almost in AutoBlogging
    after several battles with Class C IP (out on the subject does not need to explain)

    I wanted to enter the auto-free blogging via a gate blogger
    and I discovered and worked on a variety of ways I will tell you the raw material and leave you work according to your desire and your love the idea
    Imagine that you are not doing anything... come to your blog every day without the added 40 and the subject
    And does not unlawfully money laundering ...

    the easy way

    1 - Create an account in gmail
    2 - Make a Blog
    3 - Log in to your Control Panel Settings ----- e-mail
    activate : Publish emails immediately

    4 - Create a new account in gmail
    5 - Enter to the user pannel through the settings and then looking for a Forwarding and POP / IMAP click on it
    And Forwarding:
    Forward a copy of incoming mail to
    Put in the box the e-mail that we created in phase 3
    And save and exit

    And here you have several tracks
    looking for sites to send news or topics that will automatically turn to the topics in your blog ...
    You can also use the services of yahoo group or in google search for rss to email
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    i marketer
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    you are the big boss lol
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    I have error

    Alert gmail:

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


    Technical details of permanent failure:
    You have exceeded the the allowable number of posts without solving a captcha.