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    A relative of mine has their kid in a "cutest baby contest" in the local online newspaper. The website requires registration for each voter and allows 10 votes per day per account. When registering for an account, they send a link to your email, which clicking the link completes your registration. Also, you sign in using the email address you registered with. So basically, one would need to create hundreds of email addresses to put any kind of dent in this contest at this point. Does anyone know how to work around this system or create a bot to generate more votes. Based on the other contestants, it looks as if we will need 1000 votes per day. Will pay.
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    Go to the proxy section here and several proxy vendors offer free proxies almost daily.

    Find a tool to make accounts or just do it manually. Once you practice a few times should take just under 2 mins per email account.

    Log in and vote 10 times per account.

    30 email accounts an hour x 10 votes each = 300 votes. 4 hrs work equals 1200 votes. You win the contest, cutest baby's parents cry, you get kudos from ugly baby's parents for cheating the system. win win win.

    Good luck

    P.S. I hate self indulgent contests and the media using innocent babies for traffic and revenue.
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