(auto rewriting) article directory - what do you think?

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    Sep 26, 2008
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    i thought about doing an article directory, i know there are already 25345543643 article directorys....so i thought what is the biggest problem of most directorys:

    1. Many outgoing follow links

    2. duplicate Content

    For the Many outgoing links i thought i make a rule that an article has to be bookmarked or linked from at least 3-6 forum posts, blog posts or bookmarking sites.

    For the Content problem: since i want to do the article directory on wordpress, i will use a rewrite plugin but dont rewrite the keywords people give when submitting an article...so everything in the Article directory is unique Content and has Links.

    I can even give people the possibility to rewrite or not rewrite if they know their article is unique...

    i could also use it as an semi autoblog, posting plr articles myself... this would even help the article directory style because not every article has an outgoing link...and i could easy post thousands of plr articles on all kind of topics

    What do you think? Could this work ? Any thing else i should think about?