Auto generate content for TAGS (Black SEO)

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    Im using Wordpress for my blog and I need to SEO for it.
    I have seen alot of website that automatically create tags (Not auto create tags for each post) based on Google search keyword: Get the keyword from Google and the auto create tags with the name of that key words, the content of that tag will be randomly created from all posts on the website include: 7 to 10 post with the title and excerpt. Fixed H1 H2 H3 include keyword name.
    I saw people SEO tag like this and only after 1 month, their online visitor are always above 200 at the same time.
    For example: The tag name is: "SEO WORDPRESS" with link to it: domain/tag/seo-wordpress
    - With the auto code or auto plugin (I dont know :D that why im asking) the content of the "SEO WORDPRESS " tag will be something like (in HTML CODE):

    <h1>"SEO WORDPRESS"</h1>
    <h2>"This is the review of SEO WORDPRESS"</h2>
    <b> Post 1 Title Randomly picked from posts of website</b>
    <h3>"This is the information of SEO WORDPRESS update on 21/7/2013"</h3>
    <p>The excerpt of post 1<p>
    <b> Post 2 Title </b>
    <h3>"This is the information of SEO WORDPRESS update on 20/7/2013"</h3>
    <p>The excerpt of post 2<p>
    <b> Post 3 Title </b>
    <h3>"This is the information of SEO WORDPRESS update on 19/6/2012"</h3>
    <p>The excerpt of post 3<p>

    The posts have nothing related to the tag name, they just randomly picked from all post of website.The post title was fixed and will not be changed to another post title after reload the link.

    Does anyone know any plugin or code that can do the function like above or something like it? Please help me :D This is called black SEO and I hope someone will understand what Im talking about.