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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by hollaholla, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Im half way through making myself my first auto blog. Making it look real slick etc.

    For content i have created 20 pages of 100% handwritten content, [opy s[ape shows no matches for them at all.

    Aside from these unique pages on the wp, im using cafinated content to pull articles and post one per day.

    Im making sure the unique pages are all seo'd nicely for the relavent keywords.

    Is this a good approach? The cc posts are kind of a 'look we post daily' type of thing. the nice pages i hand crafted will be the ones i back link and get indexed hopefully.

    will the cc stuff do me good or hinder my attempts? Is it worth me rewording the odd paragraph in these posts? one a day wont really be that much effort for me to rejig i suppose, but id rather let it sit and build backlinks to it etc.

    any suggestions much appreciated.