Authority website keyword research: question about avoiding duplicate content

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Windmill, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Hi BHW,

    I'm planning my first authority website. I'm putting together my article topics/keywords, and I've got a question. How similar can the 'target keywords' be for each article? Because of LSI keywords, it makes me wonder if articles with similar keywords could end up overlapping with the same keywords. E.g. is this too similar:

    Niche: Womens clothing

    Zebra Tights
    Zebra High Heels
    Zebra Shoes
    Zebra T-Shirts
    Striped Tights
    Striped High Heels
    Striped Shoes
    Striped T-Shirts
    Spotted Tights
    Spotted High Hells
    Spotted Shoes
    Spotted T-Shirts

    Would you feel comfortable creating an individual page for each of these keywords, or would you instead write an article encompassing all zebra clothing, all striped clothing and all spotted clothing?

    And, could you even get away with individual pages for these keywords:

    Zebra Tights
    X-Small Zebra Tights
    Warm Zebra Tights
    X-Large Zebra Tights
    Pink Zebra Tights
    Blue Zebra Tights
    ... etc.

    If anyone has experience in this would like to share, that would be very much appreciated!