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Hello Everyone, catching up on delays on orders so I need a few days to catch up. I can't handle any new orders until Friday. Thank you!

I'm currently delayed and finishing up on:
@kacperp94: Whom I promised his first repaired draft yesterday who will receive his initial copy and then rest of his work tommorow.
@Battlemas: Who will be receiving the rest of his batch as well.

Anyone else in que please reach out to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I have replaced my project manager.

Thanks bro, awesome quality, cannot wait to receive the new descriptions.

@Battlemas: You'll receive your finished order tommorow afternoon.

For Everyone Else:

For the next seven days, all Amazon Niche Content will be .022 cents a word. I am training a new set of writers that have awesome quality and I will be acting as editor and taking personal offers still. I have fresh samples of our refined amazon niche content available.

Come check it out!
I'm in need of pillar article for my Amazon blog.

Can I have some samples of individual reviews and buying guide sort of pillar article?
send me best of amazon product buyer guide and individual reviews samples.
Let me know current TAT.
All samples have been sent and all orders are completed. Current turnaround time for most new orders is now 2-3 days.
Not open for further replies.
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