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hey there,
am planning to make a landing page so i need someone to write content that converts to sales, please pm me if you can help.
Following the thread for the future references.

Good luck with your sales, OP.
Can you send me sample of amazon article. Something like "top 10 best product".
As above, can you please send me a sample of amazon products. Thank you
Massacre, thank you! I responded to your PM as well.

@WebTG & @WadeyX I sent both of you samples. Let me know if you didn't receive them.
Hi James, could I pls have a sample for an Amazon product. Thanks
Review of buyers guide for amazon products?

Ordered with 4000 words with the special discount for amazon content.
All of your requests have been responded to. Let me know if anyone didn't receive samples.

@traihu thank you for your order.
Samples please for Amazon product reviews or "best of" if you have them.

Many thanks.
payment just sent 3F6653******7405F, please check pm
All requests have been responded to and all orders will be completed within two days.
Not open for further replies.
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