Authentic High End Designer Neckties, Belts, and Socks Available from the USA

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    A while back I bought a bunch of stuff off of a wholesale auction site, and I never got around to listing it. With listing other items on eBay I am sick of it and PayPal and the fees. Moving onto other stuff. But still have all this stuff. All prices negotiable, big discounts if you buy out most of my stock. Here's what's available.


    10 pairs of Champion Sport Crewneck socks - retail $20/5 pairs
    41 pairs of Gold Toe dress Socks - retail $20/4 pairs
    3 pairs of Polo Ralph Lauren dress socks
    4 pairs of Club Room ultrasoft dress socks

    I will sell all of the socks for $100. We split shipping costs.


    600 ties in total available.

    400 of them are neatly placed in protective plastic tie bags, not wrinkled
    200 of them are just in a box, not dirty, just not organized neatly like the other ones

    Brands vary widely, I haven't looked at all 600 but it seems there is a new brand for every tie I pick up.
    Most are middle designer brands (DKNY, George) to top level brands (Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger)

    I will sell all 600 for $400. That is well under $1/tie. We split shipping costs.


    Calvin Klein Leather Belt | Black | Size 42
    Club Room Belt | Blue | Size 44 | NWT | MSRP $20
    Club Room Belt | Brown | Size 40 | MSRP $20 | NWT
    Club Room Belt | Yellow | Size 40 | New With Tags
    Club Room Belt | Yellow | Size 42 | New With Tags
    Geoffrey Beene Belt | Black | Size 34 | Free Shipping
    Geoffrey Beene Belt | Dark Brown | Size 36 | MSRP $39.50
    Kenneth Cole Reaction Belt | Black | Size 38 | MSRP $40
    Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Belt | Black | Size 40 | MSRP $40
    Marc Ecko Belt | Black | Size 30-32 | New With Tags | MSRP $25
    Perry Ellis Leather Belt | Black | Size 36 | MSRP $37.50
    Perry Ellis Leather Belt | Black | Size 36 | MSRP $37.50
    Polo Ralph Lauren Belt | Black | Size 32 | NWT | MSRP $65
    Tasso Elba Belt | Brown/Light Brown | Size 40 | MSRP $50

    That is all I have for belts.

    I will sell all of the belts for $98. That's $7/belt. We split shipping costs.

    I will sell all of these belts for

    Here's pics of everything



    Pictured: Van Heusen, Tasso Elba, Pierre Cardin, Blacker, George






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